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The Ocean Can't Stop A Good Time!

Well we are back… Again.

Hello everybody, we are sorry that we haven't posted anything in months... But we are back(ish). we have an adventure coming memorial day so stay tuned for that... also if you might not have noticed we haven't updated our photos of us in a couple of months, I am...

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We’re back!!

Hey it's me Aedan, I've been away for awhile (same with my mom) and I'm sorry we've been gone for two years but we're back now and I've been busy updating the family page of the site (so far I've just changed the photos for each family member and not their bios yet :/...

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Memorial Day Trip

Mike and I were married in 2011. We married right around memorial day, and every year since we have taken a camping trip as our anniversary trip. Normally our trips consist of packing the truck with camping gear and hitting the road, not knowing exactly where we were...

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yesterday we got back from a trip and we are planning on making a slide show for the trip and when the video comes out I will put a link to the video out under kids corner! Now a little bit of facts of the trip first we took the trailer to a resort called seven...

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Mind Tricks

My mom told me to post this: Your mind is better than you think? (Puns aside) The brain controls the whole body. Isn't that cool!   I got this information from a mind trick show.  

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Fun with the Nieces

We go out and about every weekend, I just don't take the time to write about it on a regular basis. This one was several weeks ago, we took my nieces Out the Columbia River Gorge to the Bonniville Dam. We started our day with a nice healthy breakfast, at one of our...

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We are going to make a slide show about photos we have taken from trips (we are on a trip now) so that means, it will be done around the time we finish the trip. Here is a tip about this photo slide show it will only be on the...

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